Exhibitions / Substation Contemporary Art Prize

16.08.2014 to 12.10.2014


Shadow Facts Flower Stall  

Newport Substation Contemporary Art Prize 2014

Various plastics and collected found objects

Shadow Facts Flower Stall is a sculptural event building upon many years of studio practice and recent indoor gallery exhibitions, exploring both the first hand observation of the artists environment (and the predominant botanical features therein), and the extended idea of scientific modelling. The work’s central concern is to respond directly and personally to the inhabited site in its language, manufacture, materials, and rationale. It seeks to reconnect with this space, now, with awareness of its place in a world post image-saturation, globalisation, and spectacle.


The piece takes the form of a 1:1 scale model of a roadside flower stall composed completely from found materials. It extends recently exhibited sculptural experiments into the construction of place through a representative botanical taxonomy and the technique of a rigorous field work/ collecting regime by shifting the presentation of these collected ‘flowers’ into a representative market place. This advances and complicates the previous phenomenological perspectives on the psycho/social inhabitation of place by the self-conscious recognition of the inescapable existence of trade within the subjective environment. 

Shadow Facts Flower Stall (Substation Installation View) 2014 by Benedict Ernst

Shadow Facts Flower Stall (Substation Installation View)  2014