08.11.2014  Bottle(d) Botanica by Benedict Ernst [catalogue essay]

25.05.2012  There Is No Land (but the land) by Simon Gregg  [catalogue essay]

01.12.2010  Impressions Of Japan by Gary Hickey  [Art Monthly Australia # 236]

01.11.2010  Pebble Botanica and (There Will be a) New Garden by Justine Grace  [un Magazine # 4.2]

09.07.2010  Golden World (the Wall and the Door) by Benedict Ernst  [GOLDEN WORLD - catalogue essay]

08.05.2010  Pebble Botanica/(It Will be a) New Garden - Review by Dan Rule  [The Melbourne Age, A2]

06.09.2009  Tips For Anxious Gardeners - Review by Penny Modra  [The Sunday Age]

19.08.2009  Keep off the grass by Benedict Ernst  [TIPS FOR ANXIOUS GARDENERS catalogue essay]

03.07.2008  One man's trash is another man's treasure. by Tracey Clement  [THE GARDEN OF LOVE (2008) catalogue essay]

17.10.2006  Wouldn't it be nice! by Mark Holsworth  [Culture Critic @ Melbourne/]

24.08.2006  the art life (August '06) by artlife blogger  []

24.06.2006  The Chocolate Manifesto by Benedict Ernst  [Runway]

04.05.2006  Show and sell by Holly Williams  [Emerging Art]

15.12.2004  Cheat Notes by Benedict Ernst  [PATTERN RECOGNITION catalogue essay]

26.02.2004  Chocolate Heaven by Benedict Ernst  [CHOCOLATE HEAVEN catalogue essay]

08.06.2000  About the Centre by Benedict Ernst  [CCSPP catalogue essay]