Works / 2013 / Helle Schattenwelt (petite modèle) #1

Helle Schattenwelt (petite modèle) #1 2013 by Benedict Ernst

Helle Schattenwelt (petite modèle) #1  2013

silver plated bronze

20c height

multiple piece, silver plated bronze from cast original found objects

handed tapped together

A/P (of potential edition of 5)


The works in the series Helle Schattenwelt (Bright Shadow World) are made from the found detritus collected on everyday walks. These walks, to and from work and back and forth to the studio, physically map the artists everyday habitat and the collections of stuff that are made along the way form a map of the local terrain at a particular time. Like picking up smooth stones from a river or collecting shells at the sea shore the gesture is the same. The collecting is a form of participation in the landscape and a form of presence in the journey that is memorialised here in the resultant constructed plastic botanical specimen. The collecting and the making of collections however becomes a re-presenting and a modelling. Each piece becomes a finely crafted memento but also a significant component in a larger imagined taxonomy that taken to extremis can become a linguistic system so nuanced and complex that it can warp the walk into a hunt and obscure the land itself. The map becomes as large as the territory. The world of the bright shadow. A World Wide Web.

Helle Schattenwelt (petit modèle) #1 is a small diagrammatic lived representation of this process.